Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Day At Home

Day Off At Home

I had my first day off with absolutely nothing planned to do. So I put it to good use. I slept late and enjoyed EVERY minute of it. Ryan woke me up, and our day begun. We played non-stop until after a lunch of spaghetti-o's. Afterwards, of course, Ryan had to have a bath.  

I managed to get the living room clean, dishes washed, and start on some Christmas presents while Ryan took a nap. After his nap, he wanted me to lay in the floor with him and play while we watched Elmo Pets.  

It is weird to have went all day with Chase not being home. He had to drive to Birmingham, Alabama to make a delivery for work. We are SO thankful for the work, but I am not sure how he is going to feel about driving to Alabama or Arkansas for delivery's. 

I hope to get a camera for Christmas. I miss not being able to take pictures and post them. My camera works but it says the batteries are dead after only taking a few pictures. Something is wrong with it, to say the least.

I need ideas on Birthday and Christmas presents for Chase. His birthday is the 18th. We are thinking about going to Nashville to celebrate, but I would like to get him something else as well. I have yet to get started on Ryan's Christmas. I have NO idea what to do on our extremely tight budget now days. If grandparents are getting him toys, I think I will be getting him clothes and diapers to open. 

I really enjoy writing a blog. It helps to get my thoughts collected before my busy life is whisked off to something else. 

I hope everyone had a Totally Terrific Thursday