Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?? 

Kids say the funniest things. Ryan is always saying something funny.
This morning Ryan woke up saying "dog." I thought that he wanted the stuffed dog that my dad brought home for him, but no he wanted a hotdog for breakfast. He went to the refrigerator  and whined until I opened it. He then dug through my meat drawer until he found his hotdogs. Kids are just too funny. 

He is growing up way to fast. He is always bringing me some toy and then the wrapping paper wanting me to wrap it and put it under the tree. He is slowly learning that we cannot touch the tree or pull the bows off the presents. 

We are almost ready for Christmas just need to get three more gifts and I think we will be done. So ready for Christmas Eve. That's when we are doing our Christmas at our house. I don't want to be rushed on Christmas morning because we have to be in Columbia for lunch. 

Holiday Traditions
I have to work the day before Christmas Eve which is when we normally have Christmas at my parents house so things are going to be slightly different. I am definitely going to miss the pizza that we have before we open our gifts. We are probably going to have a super early Christmas this year since I work Wednesday and Thursday. 
What is your families tradition for Christmas? What is something special you do? Please Share!

Have fun getting ready for Christmas! See you all again soon!