Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is finally here. Let the madness begin. Ryan is still snuggled up in bed with his two bears. He wouldn't go to sleep last night without them. I think it is because we are at Pop and Granny Damesworth's. They tried to get him to sleep with them last night which resulted in some MAJOR screaming. Poor baby couldn't catch his breathe. He just wanted Mommy. So we snuggled for a while before I finally got him to lay down to go to sleep.

Ryan found his wagon with blocks before I could get them wrapped. Needless to say they aren't going to be wrapped. :) 

He was fascinated with the snowmen and dog in the floor.  

 He was so excited about the blocks and then Pops got out a ball. Of course his attention then was on "ballball"

Fast asleep snug in his bed after almost 10 hours of sleep. Nana and Papa must have worn him out yesterday.

Merry Christmas