Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

My baby boy turned 3 yesterday. I cannot believe I am mommy to a three year old and a one month old. It seems like yesterday I was a teenager without a care in the world. It was 5 years ago last weekend that my life changed forever. I met Chase on May 25th, 5 years ago. We knew almost instantly that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. By November that same year we were engaged.
My mom and I took the boys to get their pictures made yesterday, and the more I look at them the more I feel like life is flying by way to fast. I didn't know that someone could love another human being as much as I have found I love my boys. There is just something about a mother's love. I know I have always loved Chase, yet the more I see him with our boys the deeper I fall in love. Not only have my babies grown, but my husband has turned into the greatest daddy and husband anyone could ever want. Sure we have our problems, what couple doesn't? But I know he will always be there for me and the boys.


Ryan has grown so much in the last year. Not only is he about 4 inches taller than he was last year, he has gained about 5 pounds and is talking so much more. From just saying one to two word sentences to actually holding a conversation with you. He will drive you nuts talking if you let him keep on. (Kindof reminds me of his momma... lol)
He has learned how to swim under and above water in the last year. He can also ride his bicycle using the pedals now instead of his feet. His favorite toys are his stuffed animals, books, trains, guns, and puzzles. (He can put together a 25 piece puzzle in under 5 minutes.) He is the master of all things Ipad, Iphone, Ianything. In the last month he has proved to be a great big brother helping me any chance I give him to.

Trey is growing very fast as well. He doesn't look to much like mommy or to much like daddy. He is the perfect combination of us both. He can already roll over from his tummy to his back and I have caught him a couple times on his tummy when I have laid him down on his back. He loves his swing and vibrating chair. Ryan always hated the swing, but Trey is totally content to swing away for a while. He LOVES tummy time especially when Ryan gets down in the floor and talks to him. He just grunts away at Ryan. He is following sounds with his eyes and by turning his head. He started grabbing onto anything in reach in the last couple days. He is eating anywhere from 4-5 ounces every 2 hours. Except at night and it is usually 3 oz every time he wakes up. We still do not have a scheduale for sleeping at night but he seems to be doing some better. We, of course, still have our bad nights.


We went on our first road trip Memorial Day weekend to Columbia. We stayed at Big Papa and Mia's house and went to church with them. I dont think I got any pictures of the boys while we were there. :( Really needed one to put in his baby book.
Chase's mom, stepdad, sister, and brother are coming up June 9th and we can't wait. Ryan is ready to see his Granna, Papa, KK, and Mimon. I am sure they are anxious to see Ryan and Trey as well. My mother-in-law started a blog called Chickens on My Roof. The url is everyone should totally check it out.

I will try to get over here one day this week and post some pictures. So it will be simply a picture post. No crazy reading. :)

Until Then God Bless